My Awesome Day.

I had a pretty awesome day.

I met Thai workers who enslaved in the 90’s which is prominently known as the El Monte case. It was a privileged to have met these amazing individuals. They taught me to never give up and always keep fighting for what I believe in. Because of their persistence we have U/T Visas. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Julie Su, California’s Labor Commissioner because she was one of the main people who handled the case when she still worked at APALC. Pretty freaking awesome meeting someone whose politically and historically important and to be complimented by her is the cherry on top.

I had also had the pleasure of meeting Muneer Ahmad, a prominent Yale Law professor. He litigated cases related to Guantanamo Bay. 

I feel like a baussss, having the privilege to go through these experiences. 

And tomorrow I get to meet U.S. Rep. Judy Chu. 

I pretty much love my internship because it’s the shitttttt!! Yea, buddy!! LOL .