So what does being DACAmented mean to me?

So it’s been a little over a month since I’ve been dacamented. To be honest, I wasn’t  super excited because I knew I was going to be approved. The thing I was most excited about was- having accessing to the basic things that people take for granted.  That EAD, SSN, and every privilege that comes along with it has been something I’ve always been thinking about….”how my life would have been or could have been if I had[insert government document name].” Now that I have all of that I can finally feel like a normal young adult-not having to carry my passport as form of ID, not having to leave that SSN number blank or using an ITIN (when permitted) . Alot of people forget how important these things are and how limited your life is without them. To me being DACAmented means I can finally live a stalled life. I can get a job and grow as a professional. I can get an CA ID(which I just got)and a License(which is the next thing I’m gonna get) which will make me finally feel like an adult.  I don’t have to lie to my friend about why I use a passport instead of a CA ID…I don’t need  to explain my self.  I can just be me without feeling out of place.  It’s great that I have all of this but I know that it will expire in  2 years and that it’s not the solution that our community needs nor deserves.  As a DACA approval, I will work to encourage others to apply and to make sure that they don’t settle. ALL MY LIFE HERE IN THE US, I’VE FELT LIKE I’VE SETTLED . Knowing the power of organizing and the real change we can make…I WILL NOT SETTLE UNTIL THE BROKEN SYSTEM IS FIXED…IN A TRULY COMPREHENSIVE WAY.  I will not let others dictate my life nor limit what I can and want to do.  I will fight for what I believe. DACA isn’t the end…IT’S BARELY THE BEGINNING OF A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY…BEING DACAMENTED is the opportunities I was denied…all the possibilities of internships…and study abroad…all those missed opportunity. I’ll be real with you, I finally feel like…I CAN LIVE MY LIFE. Although I know life has yet to begin. My life will fully begin and be realized when I have access to the same services, rights, and opportunity as of an LPR or U.S.Citizen. Life begins for me when I can travel the world and when I can live my life to the fullest.  Being DACAmented is only a demonstration of my potential and my community’s potential. 

Real Talk

People just need to be fucking honest about what they’re feeling and their experience. No need to sugar coat things or else you’re just digging your self in a bigger shit hole -which was something you wanted to avoid in the first place. REAL TALK NEEDS TO HAPPEN WITHIN OUR SELF AND OUR COMMUNITY FOR REAL CHANGE TO HAPPEN.  This I don’t want to hurt their feelings mentality is just not good yo. People are just afraid of confrontation and uncomfortable situation but you need tension and discomfort to really grow. REAL TALK, PEOPLE NEED TO STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF HIGH SCHOOL KIDS, WE ARE FUCKING ADULTS SO ACT LIKE ONE AND BE FREAKING HONEST. If you like something acknowledge it and if you don’t , be vocal and agitate the norm. I’m glad I have friends who really try to be as honest as possible who aren’t afraid to confront and agitate. I know it’s hard to do because it’s something I have a difficulty doing all the time but WHEN YOU’RE REAL,YOU MAKE A GENUINE DIFFERENCE. 


I know I have an ego. If not for that ego, I wouldn’t be as confident in myself in multiple aspects. But the thing is, I know when to check my own ego…Having an ego isn’t a bad thing, it’s when misused that things go array. Having an ego is healthy in my opinion, it’s only when you have too much ego when it gets dangerous especially when the person doesn’t know they stepped over the line. 

You know when you get an email and you realize how big your role is….this sudden burden to exceed your own work and expectations just sinks it. That totally just happened to me.  What’s weird is, it only scared me for a sec,then this rushing feeling of excitement becomes the prominent emotion.  Bring it…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I will show you what I can do. 

I am way to excited about getting alot of emails regarding work. LOL 

At the end of the day, all petty politics and drama aside, I just want to leave this University better than I found it.

John Joanino 

As an alumni of UCI, I can’t better sum up my motivation for doing what I did as an undergrad than what my friend ,John said on his facebook. 

I think life is really funny. There was this guy in the Philippines that bullied me when I was younger. He ended up moving to the U.S. as well, funny enough the one thing that reconnected our friendship was our passion for social justice. He works with Anakbayan while I did my activism as a student leader at UCI. He’s probably one of the most inspirational people that I’ve met, his passion for social justice is just amazing. Never did I think that I would ever see him after leaving the Philippines. Life works in a funny was because we ended up having similar interests, mentality, beliefs, and passions.

My mom and I were watching the Buzz on TFC and Shamcey Supsup was on. Mother said, “You should have majored in Architecture or Engineering instead.” I responded,” do you have any idea how hard those majors are, I would have probably gone insane if I was an engineering major and it would take me four or five years to finish. Plus, if I couldn’t stick in out as a Bio major, I don’t think I would survive a major with endless mathematics, physics, and in box logical thinking.”  After thinking about it, I forgot that I did have a regret, I love politics but I seriously think I was meant to be an Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies double major. I’ve always done extremely well in those classes and have found it beyond interesting. I think I owe a good chuck of my trait of being analytical to these disciplines.  All I can do now is take to heart what I’ve learned and practice these concepts and knowledge as an aspiring Student Affairs professional. If given a second chance to get another Bachelor’s, these two would be my definite majors.