Post PacBradley Thoughts.

So I’ve  been seeing and hearing people say that, we[filipinos] are being too prideful and proud about this Pacman loosing to Bradley. Just to make a point, this is not even about the fact that Pacman is filipino and that we think he deserves to win all his fight. Clearly we support him, which is deeply rooted in the filipino culture and values. Like any sports fan, filipinos support and react based on merit. Prior this fight, Pacman did pretty bad on his last fight and majority of the Filipinos I knew were disappointed and thought he really didn’t deserve to win. So again, don’t think we are supporting him because we are prideful. We are supporting him because it is what is right. Injustice was served due to capitalistic mentality that exploits people. If sports analyst and many people[not just filipinos] say that Pacman should have won then there must be something fishy with the results. 

It’s been a while…as a friend told me, I giggled like a school girl. Being beyond interested in someone..and having some form of reciprocal’s been a year since I last been like that.  But in all honestly, I like being single being independent..and really not placing any part of my  happiness on others. Me I’ve accepted the fact that the words..taken and monogamous will not be in the near future in my used vocabulary words. I’m not really the type to get tied down, I’ll put it in food analogy, why have a one course meal when you can have a buffet? I need to try everything before knowing what I like…or maybe I’ve been going to the wrong restaurants..trying the wrong dishes? haha..eventually I’ll end up at the right place at the right time. For now, I’m enjoying what I have because it won’t be like this forever…YOUTHFUL AND SINGLE. 

It really bothers me when students of color call student protesters idiotic for yelling and protesting. Just because you lived a privileged life and don’t understand the struggles of many student of colors and other students struggling to pursue their higher education, it doesn’t give you the right to be negative about them. It’s not like they just protest to be a disturbance, they do it for you, for me, for others who want to have the ability to pursue higher education. You maybe able to pay your tuition now but when the day comes, you’ll realize these people are fighting for your education.

Gender roles in the Tudors is so evident. Their society is hella patriarchal. The King cheats and it’s okay..”A man needs to lay with a woman.” A Queen cheats[more like accused of], she is called a whore, a harlot, and is executed.Where’s the justice in that. I am a just king my ass, more like, I am a just king to men and have gendered prejudices for women. Torturing someone doesn’t get you the truth, it only gets you what you want to hear.

I think because of this obsession with the Tudors, it’s making me want to wear pantaloons and old english clothing. It’s looks kinda cool haha. Totally my show because it’s all about the mess, the drama, and sex..did I mention the sex. LOL too much butt shots hahaha. On the side note, it makes me think about Religion, Politics, and the State. It’s interesting how these things are intertwined then and still is to this day. I know we have the separation of church and state but still, religion has an immense influence on public policy and social norms. 


It’s funny,the one person who last year I thought would be a very important individual in my life seems like is no longer a part of my life. I was all about strengthening what we had but since  I graduated it seems like our relationship as friends no longer really exist. We occasionally say hi or a thing or two online. I remembered when we chatted about things or when we had our long deep conversations. I find it ironic the person who I wanted to be a lasting friend became so disconnected. I really do miss you just because there are a few people who really understand me beyond my facade. 

One of my pet peeve is when educated people use derogatory words and use words in an offensive manner. I really hate it when some one uses the N word so casually. I think no one should use that word just because it’s an oppressive word. Some one may say “it means something else now”, I don’t care, the hystory associated with it is very much oppressive and still brings a negative aura to any conversation. Oh dude “that’s so gay”..another thing I hate is when people use this term to say something they dislike..why are you saying that? do you even know what you are saying? I can go on and on  but I don’t want to go on forever. These are some of the things that irritate me when my friends say it:

  • That’s retarded
  • No homo
  • You’re such a fag
  • Oh, and I hate it when people hack other people’s fb and say, ” I’m really gay , or I didn’t know I like guys till now.” It irritates me that people mock “coming out” so lightly when it’s a serious matter especially to those who experience it. 

I feel that as educated individuals we should be more cautious of our word choice. I know it’s hard to do specially that popular culture makes it seem like it’s okay. But you as an individual can make a  difference by being aware that using such terms offend people and make an effort to use conscious and inclusive terms. I started doing it my second year by avoiding using “you guys” because not everyone I address  identifies as a cis-male.

To be QUEER 

It doesn’t necessarily  talk about one’s sexual orientation and or gender  identity.

To me,  I’ve defined it as an individual who is deviant from the norms of a patriarchal heteronormative society.

It means being inclusive, understanding, and open minded.

It means breaking stereotypes and prejudices. 

Being Queer means being your self and loving yourself. 

My Thoughts on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

So Thanksgiving in my opinion is an epitome of an American tradition. Food, family, consumerism are a big part of Thanksgiving. One thing I like about it is that it some what forces to do a privilege check on them self. Although I believe that we do not need this day to check our privileges or be thankful for what we have,it is a nice tradition to have. We should be thankful and appreciate of the things we have everyday but I guess Thanksgiving makes us confront our own shields and for once show our true emotions. Thanksgiving for me is all about spending time with the fams and friends so I hate it when people choose to skip the bonding to stand in line for Black Friday Sales. I’ve heard some one say,” It’s just dinner with the family,Thanksgiving happens every year so I’ll do the dinner next year.” In opinion, you shouldn’t prioritize materialistic things over family. Given that Thanksgiving happens every year and the deal you are looking out for is like a rare occasion it may seem like it’s okay but have we all thought of that our lives aren’t finite and that our times with our loved ones are limited.  We should use every  second we can bonding with out loved ones. In America we don’t get to have alot of family because we have our own lives: school, work, social life, etc. So when we get a holiday to spend with the loved ones,don’t prioritize a sale over the family. You never know, next Thanksgiving that loved one may not be there.